Sunday, February 10, 2013


I'm finally back in Cebu! Haven't been here in such a long time... Feels a bit weird cuz I'm so use to finding my way around in Manila, but now here in Cebu, I'm totally lost! I'm here with my dad and he's not much of a guide because he hasn't been here in Cebu since early 90's..
Started my day with a bigass breakfast, the breakfast buffet. Then me and my dad walked to the mall to buy some sunblock.. Whenever I leave my house there's always something I forget... Either my phone, wallet, panties or my brain hahaha.. No but I'm very forgetful and it's so hard for me to always check that I have everything with me... So this time it was sunblock, so we went to buy some then it was off to the pool :-) I didn't wanna overkill and get burned the first day here so I was only tanning for maybe an hour or two.. And swimming a lot too.. Oh and then we took a taxi to Ayala mall and had late lunch at Fridays.. I'm getting so tired already, gonna sleep early.. What I'm writing right now might sound weird cuz it's kinda jumpy.. But good night :p

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  1. stay away from the sun. oh, and can you pls post photos of your dad and mom. curious lang.