Saturday, February 2, 2013


Time flies by! It's already feb 2!! And I can be honest, my New Years resolution about being healthy and workout more...? Sorry need to change that...

Weirdest and stupidest thing happened to me today.. I was taking a powernap on my couch, then the doorbell rings and its the waterboy. My first reaction was to say I didn't call for any delivery of water, then he goes no, I need the tank. And I'm like, are you serious?!!??!! No, im not finished with the water, ill call you when i need to replace it!
How rude isn't that???!!! Of him to come to My house and ask for the freaking water tank?!!!
Then he said - Oh ill come back tom na lang..
So I go - No, I haven't even opened the water tanks I got from you since I haven't even finished the old one, and I'm not gonna finish it by tom either!!!

What's going on with people?! I buy water from his water store and now he wants my water tank?!!
Well lets see if he comes back tom.. What a great service!

Off to sleep now

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