Sunday, April 22, 2012

Go shorty its MY Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!!!! I really don't feel like I need to celebrate my birthday today... I count everyday as a blessing therefore my birthday is just like any other day, which I always treasure. It's like, Valentine's Day - you're supposed to be romantic and sweet, buy flowers, chocolate, and have fancy dinners. So what? If you're like that everyday, then there's no diffidence between a normal day and Valentine's Day.  That's what I say.
Celebrating things too often makes it not so special anymore, or just as special as any other day. I'm gonna "celebrate" my "birthday" when i\I feel like it.
A regular night-out for me is kinda crazy so of course the expectations for my birthday should be beyond crazy, but today I just feel like laying in bed with the one I keep close to my heart.

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