Tuesday, December 27, 2011


PREMIERE would like to formally introduce to everyone the 2011 PREMIERE Ultimate Vixen, Linda Persson. This half Swede, half Filipina beauty has the look of a woman who is confident and knows what she wants. Lesser men may feel intimidated by her tough look and body art and it's just as well because Linda exudes more than just a hot body and sexy exterior. Spend two minutes with her and you'll be able to immediately tell Linda is extremely intelligent and sophisticated.

Sexy. Beautiful. Well spoken. Confident. There's little else we could ask for from an endorser.

But enough of that, we didn't put up this blog so that we could go on and on about her. We put this blog up so that Linda would have a platform to talk to you guys, the fans, and air her thoughts! But before we officially hand this site over to her, we're sharing with everyone a special treat just to kick off the year right. We're posting a few of what we think are Linda's best shots in the PREMIERE Vixen 2012 Art Calendar. But don't take our word for it, find out where PREMIERE and Linda will be next and get your own copy!

All yours Linda, enjoy! :)

PREMIERE - Feel the Thrill

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